APA Events

The Søren Kierkegaard Society USA invites contributions for an upcoming session to be held in conjunction with the American Philosophical Association’s Eastern Division meeting. The theme is open, with submissions accepted in any area of Kierkegaard studies. Special consideration will be given to papers that relate Kierkegaard’s thought to a debate in a contemporary philosophical field of study such as epistemology, philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind, ethics, aesthetics, or metaphysics. A panel will be assembled from the submissions and will be held in Baltimore, January 5-8, 2022. Submissions should be full papers of no more than 3,000 words (excluding references) and directed to Sergia Hay. Since we will likely have commentators for talks, the paper should be submitted in the form you will present rather than a work in progress. The deadline for submissions is September 1, 2021.

Questions about APA sessions can be directed to the Kierkegaard Society’s APA Representative, Sergia Hay.