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The schedule for this year’s Virtual American Philosophical Association Sessions has been announced:
APA Eastern
Thursday, January 7, 2:00 pm-3:50 pm
“Author Meets Critics: Sheridan Hough’s Kierkegaard’s Dancing Tax Collector: Faith, Finitude, and Silence
Sheridan Hough (College of Charleston)
John Davenport (Fordham University)
Susanna Siegel (Harvard University)
Patrick Stokes (Deakin University)
APA Central
Wednesday, February 24, 2:15 pm-5:15 pm
G1C. Søren Kierkegaard Society
“Kierkegaard and Pedagogy”  
Chair: Sergia Hay (Pacific Lutheran University)
Gordon Marino (St. Olaf College)
Megan Fritts (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Mariana Alessandri (University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley)
Michelle Kosch (Johns Hopkins University)



The schedule for this year’s Virtual American Academy of Religion Session has been announced (PLEASE NOTE A CHANGE TO THE PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED DATE):

Session Number: P8-100

Date and Time: December 8, 2020, from 11 AM to 1 PM Eastern Standard Time:

Theme: Kierkegaard and Phenomenology
Chair: Aaron Simmons (Furman University)


Merold Westphal (Fordham University)
Commentator: Claudia Welz (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Eleanor Helms (California Polytechnic University)
Commentator: Antony Aumann (Northern Michigan University)

Amber Bowen (University of Aberdeen)
Commentator: Stephen Minister (Augustana University)


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The Søren Kierkegaard Society sponsors scholarly events annually in conjunction with the American Philosophical Association and the American Academy of Religion.

The Society invites contributions for two sessions of the APA each year, one panel each year at the Eastern APA, with an additional panel that alternates between the Central and Pacific regional meetings.

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The Society holds a panel each year at the AAR, usually by invitation.

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Finally, the Society hosts a banquet annually in conjunction with the American Academy of Religion. This year there will be no banquet.

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The Søren Kierkegaard Society USA was founded in 1979 by Robert L. Perkins† with the purpose of fostering the study and discussion of Kierkegaard’s thought across all its dimensions and ramifications, including its sources and influence. The Society was organized more formally under the leadership of Sylvia Walsh in 1990 and upholds its mission to this day.

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