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Annual membership dues for the Kierkegaard Society are still being collected, and apply always to the calendar year in which you make payment.

Regular Membership is: $20 US
Student Membership is: $15 US
Retiree Membership is: $10 US

Please use PayPal or a credit or debit card to submit your dues (you do not need a PayPal account). Select the relevant dues category, below.

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Terms and Conditions. Dues. All payments made through this website to Kierkegaard Society USA of dues at any level are considered final and are non-refundable, and apply to the calendar year at time of payment only. Other fees. Payment of other fees, including annual banquet fees, are considered final and are non-refundable, excepting those instances when the annual banquet is canceled. Disputes or payment in error. If you believe you have been overcharged or charged in error, please contact the Secretary/Treasurer of the Society to resolve the matter.


The Søren Kierkegaard Society sponsors scholarly events annually in conjunction with the American Philosophical Association and the American Academy of Religion.

The Society invites contributions for two sessions of the APA each year, one panel each year at the Eastern APA, with an additional panel that alternates between the Central and Pacific regional meetings.

For more information on APA events, please click here.

The Society holds a panel each year at the AAR, usually by invitation.

For more information on AAR events, please click here.

The Society holds a festive banquet with a speaker each year in conjunction with the AAR. For more information on the banquet, please click here.


To view a record of past American Philosophical Association events click here.


President: Marcia Robinson, Syracuse University

Vice-President: Michael Strawser, University of Central Florida

Secretary/Treasurer: Joseph Westfall, University of Houston-Downtown

Click here to view a list of past Kierkegaard Society presidents.


The Søren Kierkegaard Society USA was founded in 1979 by Robert L. Perkins† with the purpose of fostering the study and discussion of Kierkegaard’s thought across all its dimensions and ramifications, including its sources and influence. The Society was organized more formally under the leadership of Sylvia Walsh in 1990 and upholds its mission to this day.

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The Søren Kierkegaard Society USA welcomes membership from anyone worldwide interested in Kierkegaard’s thought.

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